A man accused of murder said to be soft

Un homme accusé de meurtre dit être doux

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A Montrealer living with an intellectual disability has categorically denied having killed his wife, claiming instead that it is a ” Capricorn will not hurt soft and without defects “.

“It is of value, but it is not my fault to me “, said Yves Nadeau to the police who informed him of the death of his wife Louise Girard.

The man accused of murder not premeditated made the remarks during his interrogation at the operational centre North of the Montreal police, on the night of 24 to 25 February 2014.

The video of this interview with the sergente-detective Claudette Hamelin was presented Monday at the palais de justice of Montreal, at the beginning of the trial of the old man today of 59 years.

“Nothing to hide “

“I did nothing of that. I have nothing to reproach me. We do chicanait not even. I am a Capricorn will not hurt soft. I don’t have defects, ” said Mr. Nadeau.

Throughout the interrogation, which lasted two hours, the defendant remained calm, speaking politely to the police officer of experience who were being questioned. It spoke to him in simple terms as would a teacher with a child.

Yves Nadeau explained to him that his wife 62-year-old had fallen and that it was a hatchet on the tv while he brushed her teeth. This happened frequently drop, due to dizziness, he pointed out.

“I hear bang ! Crime ! Louise ! Louise ! For me, it is badly fallen, ” has detailed the accused, who is said to have rushed to his bedside. Noting that she had lost consciousness, he called 911.

Stabbed to death

However, when the police began to raise inconsistencies in his version of the facts, the aged man began to get impatient.

The sergente-detective has among other things explained to Yves Nadeau that his wife had been stabbed in the chest, and a bloody knife had been found in their apartment.

In addition, looking at the body of the accused to the ultraviolet light, the police found traces of blood cleaned on his arms and his belly.

“I begin to be tired of talking to you “, he insisted.

The non-criminal responsibility of Yves Nadeau could be discussed at the end of the trial, the defence, on Monday, the judge of the superior Court Mario Longpré.