A massive heart attack nearly killed 10-year-old girl in England

In Essex, England, the emergency aid brought to the hospital 10-year-old Layla Stanhope., the diagnosis of which sounds like a massive heart attack. After his death the girl’s heart was able to hide just 6 minutes, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Because of the incident of hemorrhage in the brain of the young patient for a few days before he lost consciousness was suffering from migraines, causing the danger of the situation was impossible to predict. Doctors to save a 10-year-old Leila, put her in an artificial coma. After 4 days the girl’s heart stopped due to detected heart attack, and she ceased to live for 6 minutes, as shared by the doctors. During resuscitation, the mother was asked experts to stop the efforts to revive the daughter, unable to see her suffering. And the next moment the girl back to the world, starting to breathe.

“…Sometimes life-threatening things are hidden behind a quite normal phenomena. I hope that what happened with Layla, will help save someone’s life,” said the girl’s mother.

At the moment the baby is being treated, and while it is unknown what is waiting for her and their family in the future.