A million of Canadians will be able to do their income tax return by phone

Photo: Olivier Zuida The Duty
The Canada revenue Agency will send to the taxpayers concerned, from mid-February, a letter with the phone number to call.

Nearly a million Canadians can for the first time spend federal income tax form and file their income tax return by telephone with the help of a new automated service.


This is one of the two new measures announced on Monday by the minister of national Revenue, Diane called to order. “It really is to improve customer service, to facilitate, to make it a lot easier,” she said in an interview from the Gaspé peninsula.


Only individuals with low or fixed incomes and whose financial situation does not change from one year to the other can take advantage of this new method. These will be mailed in mid-February a letter from the Canada revenue Agency with the telephone number to call.


The automated service they will submit the questions to which they must respond by pressing keys on the keypad of their phone. They will then receive a confirmation letter containing information on credits to which they are entitled.


Automated line


The minister called to order ensures that this new phone service is separate from the one who has experienced the misfire. The auditor general’s report released last fall revealed that the Canada revenue Agency had blocked 29 million calls, more than half of the calls received between march 2016 and march 2017.


The minister believes that the people affected will trust this new phone system. “It is a line, completely automated, this is not an agent, who responds to the end of the line, it is 21 hours 24 hours, 6 p.m. to 3 a.m., seven days a week, and it is specifically dedicated to the 950,000 people who will receive the letter “, she explained. “Someone who has no letter may not have access to this service. “


Forms by mail


The minister has also announced that taxpayers who have the habit of completing their tax form in on paper will no longer have to move to get it, as they now receive by mail. This measure affects two million taxpayers, since 2013, had to go get a form at a post office, in a caisse populaire or in a Service Canada office.


Copies of the paper forms will still be available in limited quantity in these drop-off points in 2018 for the last year.