A mosaic of cultures in Drummondville

It is a great mix of cultures from all over the world that awaits visitors to the 36th edition of the Mondial des Cultures de Drummondville.

The well-known event begins on Friday and lasts until July 15, mainly at Woodyatt Park.

The traditional parade of the Mondial des cultures of Drummondville will take place on Wednesday, July 12 at 7 pm. The parade will start from Rue du Pont towards Heriot Street and then follow Cockburn, Lindsay, Brock, Marchand, Heriot and Du Pont streets before concluding at the event site.

Folklore troupes representing 11 countries covering all continents except Africa began arriving earlier this week, said Josée Vendette, chair of the board of directors of the event.

“We want the people of the troops who visit us to discover Drummondville and Quebec 2017,” she says. The exchanges are not only folkloric, but also in the chapter of the five senses and different epochs. ”

“At the same time that the population discovers that of the countries that come to us. Visitors mix with people who attend our programming. We want people to learn about them and to discover us. ”

Troops from Italy, Russia and Slovakia will perform on stage. Japan, which has been absent for a few years, will be represented in this edition, adds Mrs Vendette.

The organization of the Mondial des cultures has planned to present performances of artists known on stage. Names such as Karim Ouellet, Steve Veilleux, the Soucy family, Mélisande and singer-songwriter Dominique Hudson are programming.

Josée Vendette calculates that the multitude of shows that will be presented will allow to admire the prowess of about 400 international artists. Those of Quebec artists are enhancing programming.

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“We want to satisfy everyone while respecting our mission to foster cultural exchanges,” she said.

“One of the good examples of this mixture is the fact that we have changed the place of accommodation of the troops. This year, they are housed in a school about one kilometer from Woodyatt Park. They were provided with bicycles to move around, allowing for unusual encounters with the population, “explains Josée Vendette.