A new route!

The drivers, Kevin Lacroix, Jean-François Dumoulin, Alexandre Tagliani, Marc-Antoine Camirand, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin and Elie Arseneau, as well as the owner of the circuit ICAR, Mirabel, Marc Arseneau.

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RACE AUTOMOBILE. The new circuit put in place for the racing series Nascar Pinty’s will make it more difficult for the overruns, and allow the spectators to see the drivers on the track at any time, since they will have a view of the entire circuit.

This year, the road circuit will be a length of 1.1 km and consist of seven turns. Formerly, the route was 3.6 km and 15 turns, leaving several opportunities for drivers to perform overtaking.

It is this Saturday, July 8, will take place in the fourth stop of the Nascar Pinty’s at ICAR Mirabel. Host of this series for seven years now, the promoters have wanted to innovate by presenting a final evening under the lights of the runway. All of the races will be presented during the day that will end with a podium finish at 20: 30.

Among the drivers, we can note the presence of celebrities from quebec, such as Alexandre Tagliani, the brothers Dumoulin, Alex Labbe, the defending champion, Andrew Ranger, Marc-Antoine Camirand and Elie Arseneau, a member of the family Arseneau, owner of ICAR Mirabel.

Kevin Lacroix, and Andrew Ranger are illustrated by winning each race of the first three stops of the series. This fourth stop could be an opportunity to confirm the advance of one of these drivers or give the opportunity for another of the 16 drivers who are registered so far to take its place on the top of the podium.

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Winner in 2015 on the ICAR circuit, Kevin Lacroix believes that the new route will give a chance to all riders to compete. “I prefer the longer races, but I believe that this change will amuse people, which is an advantage for our sport”, launched Alexandre Tagliani, who has just returned from China where he has participated in races of the series RDF LMP3.

For Jean-François Dumoulin, two-time champion of the 24 hours of Daytona, the riders will face a significant management, brakes and tires. “However, it will also need to attack quickly, as in a race of 75 laps, the end comes soon!”

The strategy of Louis-Philippe Dumoulin is taking the lead since it is “the most safe”. This last account before any to go pick up the most points to climb the leaderboard. He stressed, however, that the new route will generate a lot of speed changes that are going to be tough on cars.

Access to the wells will be free for all, which will offer the chance for spectators to meet the drivers and see the cars up close.
The final race will take place at 19h, and promises to be filled with actions.

The details of the day are available on the website of ICAR Mirabel Icarexperience.ca.