A new track therapeutic for brain tumors


Published the 14.11.2017 at 14: 48


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Glioblastoma is the brain tumor more common in adults. Malignant, it is difficult to treat : it does not give much hope of life to sick people. For patients who cumuleraient chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, she would only 14.6 months on average.

A tumor difficult to cure

This brain tumor is also mysterious. We do not really know its cause, if this is for the people who underwent irradiation of the brain to treat other pathology. In recent years, the number of patients has increased in the western countries. Many studies point the finger waves caused by mobile phones.

A study, published recently in the journal Cancer Cell, opens a track to cure this disease, particularly difficult to heal. And it is precisely in finding why it is especially difficult to cure that researchers have found an answer.

A protein that regenerates the cancer cells

Glioblastoma is tough in part because of stem cells, which can allow the tumor to regenerate. The researchers looked at the composition of these stem cells. And they noted the high levels of a protein called TRF1 (telomeric repeat binding factor “). It is one of the components of the shelterine, a set of proteins that protects telomeres (a region of DNA at the end of a chromosome).

Block the protein to stop the cancer

This is the TRF1, which would play an important role in the regeneration of cancer cells. First test : remove the TRF1 in mice with glioblastoma in the process of being formed. The tumor stopped to grow and their life expectancy has risen to 80%.

Then, the same type of procedure on people in a human by using a chemical compound that blocks the production of TRF1. And here, too, the results have been positive: the tumor grows more, the increase in life expectancy.

Next step : researchers now need to assess the effectiveness of the inhibitors of TRF1, when they are combined with other treatments against glioblastoma.