A new trailer for the Secret diary of Simon Petlyura showed the assassination of the Ukrainian leader

Новый трейлер Тайного дневника Симона Петлюры показал убийство украинского лидера

The creators of “the Secret diary of Simon Petlyura”, presented the second trailer of the film. The video reveals new details of the painting, which will be released on September 6. Video appeared on the Youtube channel of distributor B&H Film Distribution.

The tape will tell about the period of life of troops otaman of Ukrainian people’s Republic Symon Petliura when he was in Paris. It was in the French capital he was killed by Samuel Smartbag. In parallel, the film will be shown short period of existence of the UNR when Ukraine received, but was unable to keep its independence.

Work on the script of the film lasted six years. The basis for the story is the fictional diary of Simon Petlyura, not real historical documents.

The main role was performed by Sergey Frolov. Also in the film played Bogdan Benyuk, Yevhen Nyshchuk, Oleg Trpovski, Irma Vitovskaya and others.

Film Director Oles Yanchuk, who had previously made the historical drama “Hunger-33”, “Iron hundred”, “Vladyka Andrey.” The film’s budget amounted to 47.2 million. The shooting took place in Kiev and Lviv.

As previously reported, the network appeared the trailer for the action of the Ukrainian Zaza Buadze “call Banderas”. The film tells about the anti-terrorist operation warrior who fights with a Russian saboteur.

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