A new wave of arctic cold is announced

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
The winter sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to stretch your legs, as this smelter in the Jeanne-Mance park, at the foot of mount Royal.

After a week of freezing temperatures, Environment Canada has lifted its warning of extreme cold weather in Quebec on Tuesday morning. A short respite for the Québécois, who will face a new storm by the end of the week.


The snow that fell on the south of the province on Tuesday brought temperatures slightly less cold, allowing you to enjoy more outdoor activities.


“It was -15° [Tuesday] in Montreal, this is more of a extreme cold, but it’s still well below the norm for this time of the year, which is of -5°, explains the meteorologist at Environment Canada Jean-Philippe Bégin. But we console when same with it. “


A new storm, coming from the east coast of the United States, will hit, however, the Quebec in the night from Thursday to Friday, he warned. Snow, rain and sleet will be merged to give way to strong winds to moderate, which will bring a new wave of cold. “We will find temperatures around -15°, but with a wind chill around -35° because of the wind,” says Bégin.


The eastern Townships, eastern Quebec and the maritime provinces are expected to be most affected.


Flights cancelled


The polar temperatures have not failed to bring their share of complications in the airports of the country in recent days. The de-icing of the aircraft has caused numerous delays and cancellations of flights. The snow has further complicated the operations of companies in the Toronto Pearson airport.


Camille Maurel, who was doing a stopover between Paris and Montreal, has waited more than four hours before being able to board a plane from Air Canada on Monday. “We had an hour wait between our two flights, but the plane was delayed, and still delay, before being cancelled and you to learn in an e-mail,” she says, upset. We could hear flights to Vancouver, Ottawa and the United States to be cancelled out as, but we never thought that this would be the case for a short ride like ours. “


At the Montréal-Trudeau airport, the situation was still chaotic on Tuesday : nearly one flight in three was a late — on both the departures and arrivals — at least an hour.


Record calls


Motorists have also been affected by the cold weather, the floor becoming slippery on some portions of roads.


“Our services have been heavily used since the 27th of December, we will cross the milestone of 50 000 calls tonight,” says the spokesperson of CAA-Québec Pierre-Olivier Fortin.


The busiest day, the 28th of December, nearly 11 800 calls have been registered, while in normal times, during the winter, CAA-Quebec receives at most 3000 calls a day.


“In 75 % of cases, it is for a service of boosting or towing when a car refuses to start or got stuck,” he noted.


Since the beginning of the cold wave, 1100 vehicles have been deployed on the territory to help the citizens, and 200 people were available on a daily basis to answer calls.


Emergency services-health have also noticed an increase in their volume of calls, resulting in nearly 15 % more interventions than usual. “It is especially connected to falls to the exterior of private homes, but also on the sidewalks in the streets and a few vehicle accidents,” said the spokesman, Steve Fiset.

The temperature didn’t stop the festivities

Despite the warning of extreme cold, thousands of people attended the show, marking the transition in 2018 which was held at Jacques-Cartier quay in the Old Port of Montreal, on Sunday. Considering the wind chill, the temperature felt were, however, approximately -30 °Celsius. Several cities, including Calgary, Edmonton or even Ottawa and Toronto, have adjusted their plans because of the cold, cancelling or moving some activities.