A new way to pick up the money in a group

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Tiing is a new payment platform participation, which aims to simplify the way we collect the money for projects.

The “common pot” is like an envelope of money virtual, where everyone can drop his hand. No need to run after the transfers Interac of all the world. Tiing.

How does it work ?

Create a common pot is very easy. First step : create an account and a pot, which is actually a web page dedicated to the collection. We add a short description of the purpose of the collection (who, what, when, where, how much), and a photo. Then, we share the pot with persons affected by the collection. Those who want to participate pay their share via a secure payment directly on the page of the pot.

At the end of the collection period, the person who created the pot to take the money. Tiing takes a 4% commission on the final amount of the prize pool.


Where the idea came from?

The concept is already very popular in Europe. This is Nicolas Goutaudier, an expat frenchman who had the idea to implement this type of service here.

“I threw myself in to my account and I met Lucas Rivoire. We thought that it would be awesome to implement this kind of service here, since it did not exist “, he said to me.

Guillaume Goupil joins the team as a developer, and so begins the adventure Tiing. It is in June 2018 that the platform is officially launched.

Since their inception, over 1000 people have used Tiing for their prize pool of groups. The company is in full growth since the beginning of the year : “On the average group of 12 people who take part in a common pot, 4 of them are going to reuse the service in the future, and do discover their relatives,” he explains. “We’re not millionaires, but we are very happy with the dynamic as it takes “.

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Although 80 % of their customer base uses the service for birthdays, it may be useful for any occasion where you need to raise money quickly, safely and easily. They thus seek to enlarge their target and use is made of the platform.

“It is the students, but especially the student associations so that they can raise funds for their projects more effectively “

By 2020, their goal is also to develop business partnerships with companies here so that the users of Tiing able to spend the money out of their pot directly in these companies.

To create a common pot, it is here !