A picture of a young prisoner killed at Auschwitz sows the seeds of turmoil

Une photo d’une jeune prisonnière tuée à Auschwitz sème l’émoi

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The color photo of Czeslawa Kwoka, this 14-year-old murdered by the nazis in the concentration camp and extermination camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in Poland in 1943, has provoked numerous reactions on social networks.


Shared on Twitter on the account of the Auschwitz Memorial, the photo shows the young woman, looking frail in his garment of a prisoner after having been beaten by the guards.

Czeslawa, who succumbed to an injection of phenol to the heart, has spent only three months in the camp of Auschwitz before his death.

For the founder of the project, the brazilian artist Marina Amaral, the color of these photos allows people to more easily identify the human drama that occurred during the Second world War.

“As I have often said, it is much easier to identify with these people once you understand and that we SEE them as real human beings. This may seem absurd. But if it is necessary to go through there to learn something and feel more intimately concerned, then, it be so”, she explained on Twitter.

Since its publication on Monday, the picture was liked more than 41 400 times and has generated more than 9245 comments