A potential buyer of the “Metro” withdraws

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Le Devoir
“Metro”, as all the newspapers of Quebec and Ontario by Transcontinental and its subsidiary TC Media, is on sale since last April.

The staff of the montreal daily free Metro have been notified by way of e-mail that one of the potential buyers serious of the daily put up for sale by its owner Transcontinental withdrew from the race a few days ago.


Metro, like all newspapers of Quebec and Ontario by Transcontinental and its subsidiary TC Media, is on sale from April 2017.


“The transaction postponed several times is now complete,” explained the director general of Metro, Yves Bédard, in a word to the employees, stating that this potential buyer has signed a confidentiality agreement, ” does not acquire the journal as well as weeklies of the island of Montreal “.


In November, while the daily was to abolish five positions, the director of communications for Transcontinental argued that the Metro station ” generates […] the interest in the market “. Contacted by The Duty Tuesday, Ms. Chartrand has repeated this same sentence. “The journal Metro Montreal is still in the process of selling our local and regional newspapers in Quebec and in Ontario,” she said, refusing to make further comments.


Metro has also lost its editor-in-chief Rachelle Mc Duff there are a dozen of days. She will become the assistant to the director of the info in the news in the Journal de Montréal. Ms. Mc Duff, who has long worked at Subway, had been named editor-in-chief in march, replacing Yannick Pinel, who had left the newspaper for Radio-Canada.


The director of communications for Transcontinental, Katherine Chartrand, stated the Duty as it is the director general of Metro, Yves Bédard, who is currently the role of editor-in-chief acting ” and assumes the responsibility of the newsroom “.


The Metro journal account for an average of 1 260 000 readers of its print and digital, according to the latest survey Vividata.


A source at Metro had recently explained to the Duty that many were concerned about the ability of the publication to continue to do the work necessary with the remaining resources. “The atmosphere is very difficult here at the moment. “In the words of people close to the daily, at least three employees would be looking for another job.