A prisoner who escaped from Alcatraz 50 years ago, was asked to return

Заключенный, сбежавший из Алькатраса 50 лет назад, попросился обратно

The US government published a letter they received in 2013 from the man who called himself a former inmate of Alcatraz, escape from there nearly 50 years ago. 83-year-old author of the message claimed that he is ready to return the camera if he will provide cancer treatment, reports The Telegraph.

“This Is John Anglin. I escaped from Alcatraz in June 1962 together with his brother Clarence and Frank Morris. I’m 83 years old, and I have undermined health. I have cancer,” — said the author of the letter.

“We all managed to survive and escape that night. Frank died in October 2005. His grave is in Alexandria, it is the name of another person. My brother died in 2011”, — told the Americans about the fate of their inmates.

“I’m ready to tell you where they are, if you announce on TV that will send me to prison for not more than a year and provide treatment. This is no joke, I am absolutely sincere” — these words ended in a mysterious letter.

All these years, John Anglin and his colleagues believed to be dead. The fugitives went down in history as the only prisoners who managed to flee a maximum-security prison, the United States at the time.

The history of this escape continued to appeal to journalists for all these years. Sotrudniki media and even some of the investigators repeatedly questioned the official version of the authorities on this matter.

In 2012, members the U.S. Department of justice is modeled on the computer, as it could look like fugitives 50 years later.

I wonder what the relatives of the escaped criminals repeatedly said that the prisoners called them from the will and even sent cards. Sister Anglina claimed that her brothers managed to escape to Mexico. However, these words no one took seriously. As the letter to the FBI in 2013.

The message decided to publish only now, with the beginning of the next phase of the investigation on the crime 50 years ago. Reporters noted that even if the message is authentic, the author, suffering from cancer, most likely, already dead.