A Quebec queen of urban sliding

There are air-to-ground missiles. Ground-to-air missiles. Air-to-air. And ground-sol. But Francis Bourgeois is more like “sol-air-roof-air-wall-soil”.
A snowboard fan since the age of five, Mr. Bourgeois has won a gold medal for his pirouettes in “street snowboarding” at the X-Games, which are roughly the Olympics of extreme sport. It was during a program on the American channel ABC, on Saturday, that the announcement was made.
After Louis-Félix Paradis in 2013, he is the second Quebecer to win this competition, which consists of filming his stunts in snowboarding in an urban context, then sending the video to the X-Games judges. And if the winner of this year is from Trois-Rivières, many of the sequences that earned him this prize were shot in the Quebec City area.
“I ‘ve been wrinkling since I was young, I started when I was 5 years old. I did a course under construction, that’s what I do three seasons a year, and in the winter I dedicate it to snowboarding. The industry is tough, I have no choice but to work, “says Mr. Bourgeois, who would like to live off his sport.
The daredevil had already been invited to participate by the X-Games (the event is not open to all) in the past, but had never won gold – he finished second last year , Winning the “public prize”. He had two months, from last December, to shoot his acrobatics and submit his candidacy to the X-Games.
A single sequence was shot in Mr. Bourgeois’s hometown: the one where he jumps over a street while a white car passes underneath (at 0:17). But “we shot a lot in Quebec and Lévis,” he said.
Not always allowed
The scene where he leaves a roof and then slide on a brick wall before landing (at 0:37) was shot in the capital. This one, immediately after, where it jumps on a sloping roof, stands on a flat roof and then rests on the ground, was filmed in Beauport, and the very impressive sequence where its board touches the railing of a gallery Took place on the grounds of an abandoned building in Quebec City. You can also see a metal arch of Saint-Apollinaire (at 1:10) and the fort of Levis (at 1:24).
Mr. Bourgeois and his filming friends from the Brothers Factory company are asking permission from the owners of the places where they see the potential, and then work on shoveling snow in the right places for the waterfall. But it’s not always possible, he admits, “that’s it, street snow , you do not always have permission.”
And for those who would ask themselves the question: “Since I began to film, I touch wood, I never broke anything,” the snowboarder congratulates. Younger, I broke a lot of business [… but now] I always put a lot of snow before making a figure. I do not mind shoveling hours and hours to make sure it’s safe. ”

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