A Quebecer invited to the camp of the Houston Astros

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MONTREAL | Invited to a training camp in major league baseball for the first time in his career, the Quebec Abraham Toro discusses the next few days with some peace of mind.

Toro must report this weekend to the camp of the Houston Astros, in West Palm Beach, Florida. The club will begin its schedule preparatory at the end of the next week, the 23rd of February.

“I was a little surprised, but at the same time, it is a goal that I had, said Toro, who has learned the happy news in January. People have told me that I was going to play at least a few matches in the League of grapefruit, I will have the chance to face pitchers in major league baseball, I hope of hitting against them.”

Drafted in the fifth round by the Astros in 2016, Toro has graduated at the AA level, with Hooks of Corpus Christi last season. The 22 year old was stare many eyes keeping a batting average of ,348 in the League fall in Arizona, which brings together the best hopes.

“My goal is to learn by observing the players of the major leagues that are going to be there,” added the athlete, a native of Greenfield Park, in view of the training camp. I’m going to ask them questions, ask their advice on how to deal with the launchers.”

Toro has already worked with some members of the Astros in recent years, including the puerto rican Carlos Correa, who had made a trip to Corpus Christi, the past season, in order to complete its fitness.

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“He was great with us, he was trying to help the guy, giving advice when we were in the batting cage, remembered Toro. When a player of his caliber speaks to you, it is sure that you listen to what he tells you.”

The presence of Troy Snitker

In addition to knowing some of the players to the camp of the Astros, Toro has another ally with him. Coach hitters at the AA level in 2018, Troy Snitker has been promoted to a similar position with the big club during the off-season.

“It’s not so bad with him that I’ve worked with in the last year, pointed out the Quebecer, praising the work of the son of Brian Snitker, manager of the Atlanta Braves. He knows a lot of my habits and he already knows how I work. It may just me easier to camp.”

Concerning its objectives, Toro knows very well that the formation of the Astros is difficult to fathom. He would, however, make a good impression with leaders.

“You want to leave a good impression, you never know when you can be recalled, he agreed. If you do well, it may make them reflect on your progress. It is possible to show them that you’re ready to move to the next level.”

“My strength on the stick, this is the thing that will decide if I will ride or not in the major league baseball one day, he said. Defensively, I’ve improved a lot.”

Speak Spanish

The third baseman, who has evolved with the Orioles to Montreal in the major League baseball junior élite du Québec, has also another advantage, unsuspected in the pursuit of his dream of access to the major : he speaks Spanish.

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“Honestly, I would say that it helps me, admitted the athlete whose family emigrated from Venezuela to Quebec shortly before his birth. In the minors, there are a lot of Dominicans, Cubans, or of the guy in Venezuela who do not speak English. They come to me to be able to communicate with the other guys. That fact that I get along well with everyone. It is possibly an advantage for me.”

The best way of graduating to Toro, however, remains the manner in which he talks about his stick.