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The third edition of the book Law of health and safety at work is a book colossal a summary of the case law in Quebec.

Four lawyers Morency law firm participated in the preparation of this third edition, which to Me, Bernard Cliche, who work in the field for many years and who has to his credit a dozen books in law.

Seeks to be a practical reference, this book is 582 pages will be launched this evening in Quebec city. There is a very wide range of topics such as the powers of inspectors, the obligations of employers, the special provisions relating to construction projects, all developed from several hundreds of court decisions, and administrative.

“All the world is governed by the Law on health and safety in the workplace. It is for all. We don’t realize it, ” said I, Bernard Cliche, a co-author.

“The book is aimed at both lawyers with the representatives of trade union and worker organizations and human resources managers. People use it as a recipe book, for an example there.

A step forward

Before 1885, there were very few laws making reference to the health or safety of workers in Quebec. It was in 1979 that the health and safety of workers will become an essential right. It even changes the Charter of rights and freedoms of the person to recognise it.

“The regulation has led to a strong diminution of occupational injuries. For the past 15 years, the number of deaths has dropped by 50 %, ” he says. “It is certain that the modes of production have changed,” added the lawyer.

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Me Cliche does not believe that this act has become too burdensome for the employers over time. “However, in their opinion, the inspectors have too much power for their training,” he shared.

The second edition of the book was published 25 years ago. The other co-authors of the new book are mr. Jean-François Séguin, Me Guillaume Saindon and Me Mélanie Charest.