A remonstrance for the Diamond

The Le Diamant theater team contravened the law by destroying the sign of the old cinema in Paris, at Place D’Youville, without permission from the Ministry of Culture.
An infraction notice was given by the Ministry of Culture to the team of the Diamond, a project of the company of Robert Lepage, Ex Machina. It is because the agreement that the company had with the Ministry allowed only the “dismantling, storage and relocation of the sign of the former Cinema de Paris” during the demolition work of the former YMCA Of Place D’Youville , where Le Diamant will be built.
However, noting that the sign was a “total loss”, the Diamond team went further as a result of its dismantling on 23 February. “It was demolished, destroyed and thrown away,” the ministry spokeswoman Annie LeGruiec told the Sun on Thursday afternoon. “It is against the law. This does not respect the provisions of our agreement. ”
What Ex Machina should have done, finding that the sign was unrecoverable, is a new request to the ministry to be able to destroy it. Obviously, once the sign is destroyed, an authorization can not be given retroactively by the ministry, says LeGruiec.

Fine … as required
An offense under the Cultural Heritage Act is liable to a fine of $ 6,000 to $ 1.1 million, but the Department may also be satisfied with a simple notice of infraction. “First, we want to make the owner aware of the importance of heritage. The fine can not bring back what’s gone, “says the department’s spokesman.
The Diamond team acknowledged its wrongs via a statement late in the afternoon Thursday, explaining that in the heat of the action, destruction had been made by failing to seek additional authorization. When contacted by the Ministry, the management of the Diamond immediately agreed to an encounter and confessed its error. “We are actively seeking solutions in consultation with all the authorities concerned in order to find a way to bring back to memory this emblem of Place D’Youville.”

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