A rhinoceros killed in a zoo in France, his horns torn off

A rhinoceros from the zoo of Thoiry, west of Paris, was killed three bullets in the night from Monday to Tuesday and his main horn was sawn and stolen, it was learned from the gendarmes and animal park .

“The caregivers left the rhinoceros box on Monday” around 4:00 pm (local time) and “they returned Tuesday” morning. “Meanwhile, an animal had been killed and its two horns sawn,” a spokesman for the gendarmerie told AFP.
“Only the main horn was stolen,” she said, estimating its market value at “30,000 to 40,000 euros”.
The slaughtered animal, named Vince, was a 4-year-old male, born in the Netherlands and arrived in Thoiry in March 2015. It belonged to the subspecies of the “extremely threatened” white rhinoceros, Park.
His horns were cut “probably with the chainsaw,” further advanced the zoo. “This was done despite the presence of five locally-based personnel and surveillance cameras,” although there is no video footage depicting this location in the park.
According to the zoo, the perpetrators forced one of the park’s outdoor gratings and then fractured several doors before they could access the white rhinoceros reserve.
The other two white rhinoceros of Thoiry, Gracie, aged 37, and Bruno, aged 5, were spared.
The horns of rhinoceros, to which are lent unfounded medicinal properties, are the subject of a vast illegal trade.
“This would be the first time a zoo has been attacked, resulting in the death of a rhinoceros,” said Thoiry Zoo.

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