A scandal on a talk show a Pulse: people’s Deputy Vadim Rabinovich left the stage to the audience

Скандал на ток-шоу Пульс: Нардеп Вадим Рабинович ушел со сцены к зрителям

At the end of the first part of the political talk show “the Pulse” live TV channel “112 Ukraine” one of the six participants in the program — the people’s Deputy and leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich resigned his seat on stage and sat on a chair in the audience ranks.

The Deputy was there until the end of the first part of the program. And explained the following step:

“I was not in any government or close to Yushchenko or Yanukovich, I can’t be around those who systematically robs its people of all the 27 years of our independence and continues… They are robbing the country and talk about how well they do it… If the government will shortly announce the increase of gas prices — it is necessary to take to the streets to remove this government! Wait for the election, change the government, this whole gang will judge who does not have time to run away… I will not sit with them, I’ll be here with the audience, with the people, and all of you (has turned to sitting on the stage – ed.) will go to the bottom!..”

We will add that during the whole talk show Vadim Rabinovich has repeatedly engaged in skirmishes with the representative of the ruling coalition – Deputy from BPP Sergey Goncharenko, in particular, on economic topics and the issue of the Treaty of friendship with Russia.

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