A scientist from Russia found Atlantis

Russian researcher Vladimir Garmatyuk sure that he found the real Atlantis. Scientist says discovery is located in the Mediterranean.


Vladimir Garmatyuk informs that Atlantis is a real place under the sea. On the continent spoke many scientists, and there is a lot of information that is written or told in different times. Scientists in different fields have put forward many theories about its location. According to them, the continent is in Greenland, Scandinavia, South America and Africa.

The researcher says that the Mediterranean basin, which is on the site of the old Atlantis, very deep. When the continent went under the water, sea moss rose and then fell. Because of this, it is under a large amount of water at very great depths. With Atlantis gone and unique treasures.

Garmatyuk, believes that the lost continent must be sought in the Mediterranean, in the area between Crete, Cyprus and the Nile. The study of the seabed in this area will allow you to make history for new information, and possibly new discoveries. For the study of DNA requires the use of special machines that will be able to achieve such depth.