A seventh place for Alex Harvey, as the curtain rises the Tour de ski

Photo: Gian Ehrenzeller / Keystone / Associated Press
Alex Harvey, of St-Ferréol-les-Neiges, will be back in action on Sunday, for the 15 km classic.

Lenzerheide — Alex Harvey started the Tour de ski with a seventh place in the sprint free 1.5 km cross-country skiing, Saturday.


His career came to an end in the semi-finals at the first of the seven events in Switzerland, Germany and Italy, until 7 January.


“It is a very good start. It is always important to get bonus points in the first step, ” said Harvey. If I look at the whole, there may be only a few contenders in front of me. The other guys were all pure sprinters. I got a lot of time on these guys, so it was a good start and my best result in the sprint of the season. “


His time of 3:03,44 has earned him the 18th spot of the qualifications and allowed him to qualify for the final round.


“In qualifying, I wasn’t feeling well, but I felt better as the day went on. It is important on the first day, to feel it, because it’s a long 10 days of racing. It is good to get back on schedule and find the legs of the race, ” said Harvey.


The Quebecer won his wave of quarter-final 2:58,84, despite a verbal warning for obstruction.


“I’m not the fastest at the start, and I was a little embarrassed. It was a route of two laps, so I really tried to push to the second tower and go to the front, ” said Harvey. We have had very good skis that I’ve used to my advantage on the descents and I could propel to the front in the final right. “


He then went to the semi-finals where he was beaten by the French Lucas Chanavat (3:01,63) and Richard Jouve (3:01,97). His time of 3:01,98 has not been sufficient to reach the final.


“I tried to do the same tactics in the semi-final. Snow (fresh) made overtaking difficult. The snow was not the same everywhere and I didn’t want to be in the lead at the first downhill, ” said Harvey. I had a lot of speed in arriving at the finish line and I approached the skier’s French, but it was too little too late.


“In the Tower, it is sometimes acceptable not to make the final because it is one more step to exhaust the legs — this can come back to you a little later, then it’s okay. “


The Russian Sergey Ustiugov (2:57,28), won the gold, while Italian Federico Pellegrino (+ 1,00 seconds), and French Lucas Chanavat (+ 2,76 seconds), respectively, have taken the silver and the bronze.


Devon Kershaw, of Sudbury, Ontario, was the only other Canadian registered. The specialist of the remote has finished 86th of the qualification.


Harvey, of St-Ferréol-les-Neiges, will be back in action on Sunday, for the 15 km classic.