A student of Spanish manufactures a motor-powered prosthesis with Lego blocks

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While most of us are still struggling to assemble a piece of IKEA furniture, a young Spaniard managed to build a robotic arm, fully functional… using Lego blocks!

Born without a forearm, David Aguilar, 19 years old, it is already the fourth iteration of its motor-powered prosthesis, the “MK IV”, created with different sets of Lego blocks. Although he does not use it continuously, his creation allows him to use a room designed exactly according to his needs.

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Running full systems diagnostics Machine status: fully operational All stations are now enabled Target: stop the BULLIES Operation: Overkill ~RIOT – Overkill~

A publication shared by David Aguilar Amphoux (@handsolo99) on 10 Feb. 2019 at 2 :11 am PST

After a first rudimentary version made at the age of 9 years old, a student in bio-engineering has never ceased to push the boundaries of his project, going as far as to add an element of robotics in the last year. Thus was born the arm “MK I”, named in honor of the armor of the same name in the super-hero Iron Man.

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#makerfaire Galicia… Great experience with awesome MAKERS! @projectdroid18

A publication shared by David Aguilar Amphoux (@handsolo99) on 24 Nov. 2018 at 10 :41 am PST

“As a child, I was very nervous in the presence of others, because I was different, but it has not prevented me from believing in my dreams”, told the Reuters news agency that which is called “Hand Solo” on the social networks.

Attending the international university of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain, David now wishes to give the following, putting them upon graduation in the construction of prostheses, robotics for those in need.

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The story does not, however, whether these will also be constructed using Lego blocks,…

Regardless, good work, David!