A suspect in the assassination attempt on Gandzyuk was previously convicted for theft and illegal handling of weapons, – Gerashchenko

Подозреваемый в совершении покушения на Гандзюк был ранее судим за кражу и незаконное обращение с оружием, - Геращенко

The adviser interior Minister, MP Anton Gerashchenko on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” has revealed the identity of the suspect in the attempted control of the Executive Committee of the Kherson city Council Catherine Gandzyuk, and also talked about his alleged motives of the crime.

“It’s Novikov, Nikolay Nikolayevich, born in 1978, native of Kherson, previously convicted under article “theft” for illegal handling of weapons. He is a member of one of the gangs in the Kherson area”, – he said.

Gerashchenko claims that the detainee most likely carried out someone’s order. “Now the police are investigating his contacts. We recommend Novikov to give the confession: to tell who was the customer who was the organizer. This will greatly reduce his term. If it will be locked – you will receive the maximum”, – he stressed.

At this Gerashchenko added that “a rough outline of who was the customer already is.”

“I can just say that there is no relationship with these customers and organizers have towards the police, though Catherine Gandzyuk and her friends regularly and publicly stated that this has to do with the police. This is an absolute lie,” – said the adviser to the interior Minister.

According to him, the main suspicion of law enforcement lies in the fact that the attempt on Gandzyuk to do with her criticism of individual officials.

Gerashchenko is convinced that the chances of Novikov the proof of innocence is not. “Oliana all his work, even know where he bought sulfuric acid,” he said.

At the same time, as reports the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine” from Kherson, the opinion of the public about a suspect in the assassination of Gandzyuk was divided. “Many say that he doesn’t look like that on video. He is a local resident of the same neighborhood, home to Catherine”, – the correspondent.

Earlier, the lawyer Catherine Gandzyuk Masi Nye said in Facebook that the court hearing concerning the preventive measure the suspect in the assassination attempt on the official’s postponed to 13:00 due to the absence of his lawyer.

We will remind, in control of the Executive Committee of the Kherson city Council Catherine Gandzyuk was attacked on July 31.

The clerk came around 8:30 from his house and went about their business as from the bushes she went to meet the guy 20-25 years with the capacity in hand. When I approached the woman, he splashed the contents of the tank in her face and ran away.

Examination just before found that it was concentrated sulphuric acid.

Gandzyuk was immediately taken by ambulance to a hospital in the city, and subsequently directed the aircraft health medicine for treatment in Kiev. She has 35% burns of the body.

On 3 August the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said about the arrest of a suspect in the Commission of the crime.

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