A taxi driver attacker in prison

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A driver adapted transport de Laval will spend the next year and a half behind bars for fondling a female officer undercover as well as two clients who have an intellectual disability.

The Crown called two years in prison, while the defence suggested a sentence between nine and 12 months for the crimes of Djillali Ait-Aoudia.

Justice Marc-André Dagenais has recently cut the pear in two by imposing 18-month prison sentence to the man, 62-year-old.


In September, the taxi driver from Laval, who was assigned to the suitable transport, has been found guilty of sexual assault of two clients vulnerable to 20 and 37 years old.

Between February and may 2015, Ait-Aoudia has flattered the crotch of the victims was a mentally disabled, over their clothes.

“I crammed his hands. It annoys me a bit, ” said one of the victims at the trial, at the palace of justice in Laval.

The sexagenarian has also laid his hands on a female agent under cover of the police of Laval who took part in the survey.

“There is a malaise to be rubbing the thigh by a stranger much older “, said the police to the judge, crying.

Not to reassure

In the interrogation video, which was presented at the trial, the accused denied any sexual connotation to his actions.

He claimed to have touched the thighs of young women only in order to reassure them in stressful situations.

The magistrate has rejected this version, finding instead that the driver, with 25 years of experience ” adopt[has] an evolutionary approach over transportation, testing the tolerance of its victims with its touching “.

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The Commission des transports du Québec has suspended the licence of a taxi of Djillali Ait-Aoudia.

He is without a job since his conviction.