A third area code for Quebec and the East

(Quebec) After 418 and 581, the Québec and Eastern regions of the province will have a new area code, 367.

It will be introduced on November 24, 2018, approximately ten years after 581. The decision was made by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which was advised on 22 April 2016 that area codes 418 and 581 should be Exhausted by March 2019.

A special committee had been created, the Reorganization Planning Committee (RPC), after the Council had declared an “emergency situation”. Five solutions were presented and finally a “distributed recovery” was chosen. This is to “overlay” a new area code in the area served by the area code to be straightened.

Initially eight CPRs were proposed by the CPR, but the 367 was selected because it “would allow for continued local composition while minimizing the cost implications for businesses through the use of switches Traditional “, says the agency’s decision released on February 2.

According to the Telecommunications Alliance, the addition of a new call sign allows the creation of more than 7 million new telephone numbers. Newfoundland will also benefit from a new call sign, 879, which will be added to 709.

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