A third of Petersburgers spend a year on auto maintenance less than 50 thousand rubles

The Saint Petersburg car dealer Carmart conducted their own investigation, during which motorists North of the capital told how much money per year they spend on car maintenance. It is noted that the surveyed drivers considered the cost of fuel, repairs, transport tax and insurance costs.


According to published research, more than 33% of motorists of St.-Petersburg to spend a year in service their cars less than 50 000 rubles. It is noted that the owners have already included in this amount the cost of fuel, insurance, vehicle tax, and service.

Another 21% of drivers in St. Petersburg noted that, spend a year on his car about 50 000-100 000, and only 10% of motorists in a year spend on the car more than 100 000 rubles. It is noteworthy that some of the drivers refused to announce their annual car expenses.

Vadim Arustamyan, CEO of Carmart, commenting on the findings said that in this way you can see the pricing structure of the market of St. Petersburg. Mass models require less maintenance, while the premium efficient models were costly.