A third of public transport has no right to enter the route – Ukrtransagent

Треть общественного транспорта не имеет права выходить на маршрут, - Укртрансбезопасность

As of Friday, August 17, the staff of “Ukrtransstroi” checked 27 thousand vehicles. According to their findings, a third of public transport has no right to go the route, reports channel 5.

“Someone says he does not have documents, who refuses inspection. To avoid this – and created mobile groups”, – said the acting head of the state service for transportation safety, Lviv region Roman Loboda.

According to “Ukrtransstroi”, the most common violation is a cracked windshield, broken lights and audible alarms, no fire extinguishers, nephrogenic inspection.

The mechanisms of bringing to liability of the carrier is, tell us in the “Ukrtransstroi”. However, they, like police patrol, not enough staff. To improve the situation would video recording.

Recall that in the framework of the “Carrier” in Ukraine has revealed the 50 drivers who had driven the bus in an alcohol intoxication. The reason for the revisions were the fatal accidents that happened in July.

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