A triple murder in an orphanage in Dnipropetrovsk: Oleg was a real tyrant: intimidated and wife, and children

Тройное убийство в детском доме на Днепропетровщине:  Олег был настоящим тираном: запугал и жену, и детей

A triple murder in an orphanage in Dnipropetrovsk: “Oleg was a real tyrant: intimidated and wife, and children” [Video]
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Photo: Oleg KLIMOV.

43-year-old head of a large family slaughtered wife and 14-year-old stepdaughter, and then hanged himself in the barn.

In the village they say that cause after he became aware of his harassment to his daughter.

The children worked hard from morning till evening

All young Tsybul’kivka in which a total of about 350 inhabitants, buzzing like a disturbed beehive. For the funeral of 47-year-old Natalia, 14-year-old Emma and 43-year-old Oleg Dolibarr came almost all the inhabitants. Still – this fear of the villagers saw except in horror movies. Besides committing atrocities in movie maniacs, and here – children’s home of family type, where they raised ten children: three of their own and seven adopted.

Video: Oleg Klimov.

However, people are whispering: Oleg was a real tyrant, if not a beast.

– Crazy, in one word! – said in the hearts Davebarnes neighbor and classmate Oleg Ludmila Sold. – He’s Natalia intimidated to such an extent that she was afraid to raise. Children are simply exploited, they had 40-degree heat with the garden is not left, the weeds pulled, the harvest was collected. And all were afraid of him and silent about tyranny…

Lyudmila says that Dolibarr was unstable from childhood.

Is it because the house was hurt – neither the parents nor the older sister is not needed here, and angry at the whole world – says the woman. – Fought in school all the time, very aggressive was. Just not for him – his eyes, like a bull, fill with blood!

That in a seemingly home to create a real hell, and told other neighbors. But why did no one intervene? And most importantly – as a tyrant and a lunatic was entrusted with other people’s children?

Тройное убийство в детском доме на Днепропетровщине:  Олег был настоящим тираном: запугал и жену, и детей

Going to a funeral, half of the village. Photo: Oleg KLIMOV.

Were punished by famine

14-year-old Roma Cockroaches shudder to remember the three years spent in foster care Davebarnes.

– I got to them in fourth grade after a nurse was jailed for three years – says the boy. – I was very bad. Had to work a lot, and the parents were angry, constantly bullied. Oleg was beaten and other children, if they are not listened to or worked badly. Said: “will Not work will not eat”. Forced to call them just “mom” and “dad”, and I have a mother!

According to the Novel, children will not complain for fear that “daddy” beat. And then, childishly, admits that when he wasn’t angry, it was possible to live. And the computer was in my house, toys, and Playground, and brothers-sisters is good. Meanwhile, when his mother was released from prison, the boy was very happy, literally, exulted that life in foster care is over.

Now the neighbors tell about unusual methods of “discipline” at the orphanage, saying that Oleg sprinkled the gates to the courtyard with sand or a bird’s feather to leave traces of the brave men who in his absence would dare to leave the house. For unauthorized departure from the yard was followed by harsh punishment. People also say allegedly Oleg, in order to on the street heard the screams of children, included loud music. And when he was taken down, the eyes of the head of the family again was filled with blood.

Deceased Emma’s father always protected

As for the estate, then it is really quite well appointed. Young garden is growing. However, the main part of the fence, on the corner of Lenin street of ramshackle and unpainted fence…

Тройное убийство в детском доме на Днепропетровщине:  Олег был настоящим тираном: запугал и жену, и детей

14-year-old Roma Cockroaches have lived with Davebarnes three years, while the mother was sitting in jail. Says that he was forced to work and mistreated. Photo: Oleg KLIMOV.

Said that Oleg was a little softened, when he and Natalia were born their children – sons Richard and David. But, they say, took his kindness for a while. And their children, and foster obeyed without a word – he taught to understand them, that is, sentences. According to Lyudmila Sold, he just looks – and children weeding the other beds moved. While nobody ever complained, on the contrary, the “suspicious” questions answered that all of them in the house well. Especially insisted Emma.

– They lie all about us, ‘ said the girl, her friends and classmates.

About Emma children good reviews.

– Well lied, so what, but it is well painted and embroidered, – says Anna Lysenko, a classmate of Emma’s. – Beat her – I don’t know, and her 13-year-old sister Karin once just got. Her father was beaten because she drew a picture of his mother on March 8 postcard with a picture of prison bars.

Тройное убийство в детском доме на Днепропетровщине:  Олег был настоящим тираном: запугал и жену, и детей

A classmate of Oleg and Ludmila neighbor Sold: “from childhood He was angry at the whole world.”

“Rural Gestapo”

Have the villagers and their own version of what pushed the man to a bloody massacre. They say that Natalya learned that Oleg was molested by her 14-year-old stepdaughter and allegedly even joined her in a sexual relationship.

– Took her to the woods, bought underwear, hugged, – says Maria, one of the neighbors Davebarnes. – People can see it. We collected information about what is happening in this house, photographed on the plate, carried it to the authorities, but we said, well, nothing like that, everything is fine…

When the coffin with the body of Jovibarba carried to the yard, gathered near the house of the villagers kept saying in one voice: “Let him, the idiot, will be buried!”. The coffin almost no one, except relatives of Oleg and invited from another village of Kopachi, did not go. By the way, other neighbors explained this absence by the fact that the deceased is hanged, they say, God does not forgive such people.

– Natasha from the village itself Babaikivka, – says Lyudmila Sold. – So, there the President, when she decided to marry Oleg and to leave the village, said to her: “You don’t know what to do, he is a terrible man, would not like to regret.” And I see now what the outcome…

According to Lyudmila, was not sorry Oleg and the eldest son of Natasha – Rustam, who studied with Twisted Sold in the same class.

You’ll see his bruises, – says Lyudmila, – I ask that as a Yes, and he said, “I Tripped and fell…”, but I’ve seen what it is not.

Scary to believe, but otherwise the Gestapo, this family-run orphanage in the village called.


The last check was five days before the tragedy

Social services claim that nothing ever pointed to mental disorders in the behavior of Oleg.

Orphanage family type by Natalia and Oleg Davebarnes officially opened on 21 December 2012. Before that, the couple successfully completed the special courses, passed all required certificates including medical. In the behavior of men is nothing alarming was observed. That Oleg and Natalia raised a foster daughter, bought her in the neighboring village home, and on July 17 – three days before the tragedy – came together in a regional service for children to get advice about her income in Berdyansk pedagogical Institute.

According to the state administration, every month a specialist from the social services of the Tsarichansky area visiting family. First Deputy Governor Anatoly Krupsky, who headed a working group to investigate the tragedy, said that the family was in good standing, the head of the orphanage never drank, smoked, went to Church. Lived in a big solid house, where were created all necessary conditions for children. Financial payments to the family as a whole was about 20 thousand UAH. per month.

And in school they say: children were friends, in conversations with classmates and teachers never mentioned any conflicts at home. Natalia and Oleg would always come along to parent-teacher meetings. Signals about problems in the family were reported either in social services or law enforcement agencies.

Now all 9 children (two families and seven foster) are in the local children’s sanatorium “Pearl of the Dnieper” under the supervision of a clinical psychologist. Their further fate will be determined in accordance with the law, but children have already expressed a wish to stay together, and that they have identified in one orphanage of family type.

Video: Oleg Klimov.