A unique collection of cars Ford sell in June 2018

For sale the biggest on the globe of collection cars American Ford engineering. Cars are going to sell in June this year, and currently the collection is housed in the famous Dutch Museum pietà-den-Gartog.

All cars owned by one person, and the total number of cars in the collection there are 200 copies. The collection can be seen a variety of cars, including fire trucks, ambulance vehicles, vans, ice cream vendors and about 50 motorcycles. The first collector car was bought in 1956 and it became a Peterbilt.

It should be stressed that trucks are pretty much interested in employees Pieta-den-Gartog. The Museum collection is the largest in the world, because the bidders will be able to purchase a truly unique model.

The above Museum organized Piet den Hartog, who from childhood was in love with the car brand Ford. Such cars were used by his father, who owned a transport company, and because the collector bought a little machine, since 1903.