A unique instance: the company Renault will present the car of the future (PHOTOS)

Уникальный экземпляр: компания Renault презентует автомобиль будущего (ФОТО)

At the Geneva motor show Renault will present concept robomobile, which has a unique design and provides a service for online ordering. Renault EZ-GO harmoniously into the urban landscape and offers new options for transportation in densely populated cities.

The first of its kind, Renault EZ-GO is a concept electric Autonomous robomobile General use, which is both the vehicle and service. To make the trip on it as you can with a fixed stop, and the passenger’s convenience point. The vision of the company Renault is that the integration of the concept of “car service” together with connection to the city infrastructure with various sensors, systems, data analysis, online services, multimodal systems and other solutions will be the main feature of successful solutions in the field of mobility and smart cities of the future.

“Online ordering driving and transport public services provide Renault a great opportunity, especially in the cities. This is an interesting decision for people of various age groups who are looking for new possibilities of movement. noted operating officer Thierry Bollore. — We have been exploring new transport services, and, thanks to our experience in the field of personal and light commercial vehicles, the Renault Group will be able to offer this high potential market Autonomous electric cars with online services for private and commercial sphere. EZ-GO helps us to imagine what the future can be”.

EZ-GO is the first of a series of concept cars Renault, focused on the provision of transport services, which will be presented during 2018. EZ-GO leaves behind a successful presentation electric demo car Renault SYMBIOZ fourth level of autonomy for private owners.

EZ-GO, robomobile common areas and services available to private and public companies, designed for the movement of individual passengers and small groups and complements of cars and public transport such as metro and buses.

Passengers can call EZ-GO, on demand through the app or on fixed planting stations. Robomobile combines the mobility and comfort of a private car with the efficiency, safety and calmness of travel by public transport.

“We wanted to Renault EZ-GO was a landmark moment in the development of solutions in the field of urban mobility. In this electric Autonomous concept, we explore the positive impact of public transport for all. said Laurens van den Acker, senior Vice President, corporate design. — This bright, fancy car, integrated with the urban environment, offering an unprecedented 360-degree view and have to communicate a space where people can relax and enjoy the ride”.

The innovative architecture of EZ-GO and design in the form of a cocoon provides maximum field of view for sensors Autonomous systems and natural lighting in the cabin through the panoramic glass roof. Due to the small height of robomobile does not block the view for the pedestrians outside. After docking with the landing EZ-GO forms a flat floor on one level with a ramp, which is very easy to get inside the cabin, including in a wheelchair. Specifications of EZ-GO allow for different use cases, respecting the Easy Life, which is one of the key components of the DNA of the brand Renault.

Renault EZ-GO, equipped with Autonomous driving the fourth level, able to control distance to the vehicle in front, keep traffic lane, change lanes between the rows and to turn at intersections. In case of an accident nearby, EZ-GO can move to a safe place on their own or on command from the monitoring center. Renault EZ-GO ensures the safety of its users due to the limited speed (50 km/h), a wide access opening for the passengers in the opposite side of the road and lighting, which designates the site for the landing platform.

In robomobile uses an innovative all-wheel drive Renault’s 4CONTROL chassis, providing extra maneuverability and safety.

Уникальный экземпляр: компания Renault презентует автомобиль будущего (ФОТО)

Уникальный экземпляр: компания Renault презентует автомобиль будущего (ФОТО)

Уникальный экземпляр: компания Renault презентует автомобиль будущего (ФОТО)