A Wellington all in blues!

With Sharrie Williams, gospel rockin ‘blues princess Rita Chiarelli, queen of Canadian blues, and Jonathan Roy, Sherbrooke fans have a royally good evening at the Sherblues on Wednesday night!

The great American blues lady Sharrie Williams opened the ball in a masterful way in Form 5 to 7 on the Rhythm & Blues scene.

“Sharrie Williams impressed the gallery. She was phenomenal and she was in shape even if she came from Switzerland! “Says Suzanne-Marie Landry, general manager of the Granada Theater and organizer of Sherblues & Folk.

She managed to make the 80 or so people listen to her by clapping their hands and swinging their heads. For the song, I need more money , which she wrote in passing in Canada, she joined the crowd. All then rose to dance and sing the refrain in heart.

She also gave a poignant testimony about her hard past sparse with abuse, drugs, alcohol and even attempted suicide. Fortunately, she got away and it was the message of hope she wanted to deliver by singing: release your mind and forgive.

“If I do not tell you where I come from, you will not know where I am going!” She sang.

Great scene endiablée

At 8 pm, Jonathan Roy launched the festivities on the Great Scene of South Wellington.

His incredible presence on stage and his contact with the crowd conquered the many spectators who had gathered to hear him.

As promised, he offered covers of all backgrounds: Say John Mayer, Tennessee Whiskey Chris Stapleton, Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and even was made to believe Alex Nevsky!

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And when he began the first notes of Good Things , one sensed the excitement in the crowd that did not miss a single word of the success of the artist. Same response for Danielle Denmark , the extract that concluded the performance in a thunderous applause.

It must be said that the singer can count on a skewer of musicians very solid. The guitarist and the keyboardist have also given to clashes of solos so endiablés that the keyboard almost knocked to the ground during one of the trances of the musician!

The audience was more than ready to welcome Rita Chiarelli & Sweet Loretta to close the opening night. “It’s a band of girls. It’s the blues blast! “, According to Suzanne-Marie Landry.

The experience and passion were palpable in the performance of the Canadian singer who quickly rallied the crowd through its many interactions. “I have Quebec in my heart,” she said in her best French before interpreting French Kiss .

“We were lucky the temperature was on our side. There was really a lot of people tonight, for a Wednesday it’s surprising. People really have good comments, “says Mrs. Landry, who invites the public to discover the artists in the coming days. His heart strokes? Deanna Bogart, Quinn Sullivan and the Paul Deslauriers Band … among others!