A woman stabbed four of her children and their father

The mother of four young children allegedly stabbed to death with their father in the suburbs of Atlanta was accused of killing them on Thursday.

It was the woman herself who called 9-1-1 to report the incident, police said.

Another child, a girl, was hospitalized for serious injuries.

The mother was placed in custody after the bodies were discovered inside the Loganville home, said Corporal Michele Pihera of the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Police then accused the 33-year-old woman Isabel Martinez of five counts of murder and six counts of aggravated assault.

Corporal Pihera stated that the police were not looking for other people who might be involved in this tragedy.

The authorities did not specify whether Mrs Martinez had been injured and no motive was raised at the moment.

The mother spoke Spanish in her 9-1-1 phone call, Ms. Pihera said, adding that the communications had become more complex.

The four children killed would be under the age of ten and their father, some thirty years old.

In a statement released earlier Thursday, the police reported that a woman in the house had called the police at 4:47 am local time to report an assault with a knife.

Loganville is about fifty kilometers east of Atlanta.

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