Abandonment of SRB: Labeaume notes concern

(Quebec) The mayor of Quebec realizes that there are “very worried people” about the abandonment of the Quebec-Levis bus rapid transit (SRB) project. Régis Labeaume promises to “fight” for a modern and efficient public transport network.

“The SRB is a way. To all those who believe in public transit, I want to tell them: their mayor will fight on this, he will not stop fighting all the time he’s going to be in politics. This is unavoidable. If we do not, first, we, the elected, will be irresponsible. Second case, eventually, Quebec City, we are going to be in trouble, “he said Monday in the margin of a press conference on a new award to honor job creators.

Now that Lévis has left the ship, “we are making a route for the sole interests of Quebec,” repeated Mr. Labeaume. These interests are “economic development” and “equity between the social strata”.

Pierre Dolbec, Chairman of the Board of the Quebec Industrial Parks Corporation (CPIQ), is satisfied with this unexpected development. “It’s funny to say, but it’s almost a golden opportunity to be in the great region to once and for all sit together and look at the general way the structure works At the level of public transport, “he said at the same press conference.

Considering that mobility in industrial parks is “a calamity”, Mr. Dolbec believes that the entire public transit system must be questioned. “Is it necessary to have a system that will make east-west or north-south on the meaning of the world? I think everything has to be honestly reviewed. It’s flat to say, it’s not a system that can be considered that has aged very well through the years, “he said.

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The Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale, François Blais, took the defense of Mayor Labeaume who “worked very hard to find very concrete solutions for the participation of Lévis” in the SRB project linking the two shores.

“I therefore consider that the Mayor of Québec today has the right to present a Quebec project, to think of the people of Quebec in light of all the efforts he has made to attract Lévis,” he insisted .

Mr. Blais said he expects “the population will participate” in the great consultation on transportation announced by the City of Québec and “it will be a constructive dialogue”. “This means that there must be answers to the questions,” he said.