Absolution for a “troll”, a student in education, who has published on Facebook of about of nature pedophile

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A “troll”, a student in education, who was convicted for taking indecent nature of a paedophile on a group Facebook is doing without a criminal record.

Judge Rachel Gagnon believed the apology and remorse expressed by Justin Parent-Bois, a 25-year-old, who was said to have “ashamed” of the statements he made in October 2017 on a closed group named “Becoming a mother: a story of criss pitchers” with 10 000 members.

The student in the teaching of history at the University of Laval, had written a publication very vulgar, which suggested to the members that it was looking for children to sexually assault.

During his police questioning, he was said to have written these “bad jokes” because he “tripait” to see the reaction of the mothers of the group. He was convicted of having transmitted a communication that is indecent with the intent to alarm or annoy them.

“I learned from my mistakes and I will never find in a similar situation”, he argued during submissions on sentencing.

To get to the suggestion of the defence for an absolute discharge, the magistrate concluded that it was an “error of course” the man, without any antecedent judicial.

Since his arrest a year ago, Parent-Bois has had to abandon part of his programme of study, has lost four jobs and was fired from a hockey league because of this case, mediated.

“After careful consideration, I feel that I have lost my good judgment in letting me lead by the atmosphere of delirium and black humour without a filter, which reigned over the group,” he told the Court, adding that it was “better” since he no longer has access to social networks, by virtue of its conditions on release.

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