Accused of injuring a horse: “I am far from being a hangman”

“I can not resist having to defend myself in criminal court for doing my job. ”

A horse trainer for 32 years, Daniel Dolbec of Westbury had to defend himself from accusations of injuring a horse and causing him suffering.

Before Judge Conrad Chapdelaine of the Court of Québec, he defended himself with passion only doing his work during the events for which he is accused.

In July 2016, a friend of her 8-year-old daughter testified that she saw him hit a horse with a hammer and then with a fork.

Injuries were found on the animal’s side as well as near one ear.

Daniel Dolbec put into context the events in which he committed routine gestures in a case where two mares were rushing.

He worked to adjust the back of a horse with a hammer, his working tool, when two horses rushed each other. He then took a pitchfork with plastic tips that he used to pick up the horse feces, in order to separate them.

“The intervention took place very quickly. What impressed the girl is that I shouted after the girls to get away so nothing could happen to them. I slapped the horse so that he would walk away so as not to get me killed between the two and so that they would not injure themselves … These were not injuries found on Horses, but scratches, “says Dolbec.

He testified that he had no grudge against the 8-year-old girl who had witnessed this event on July 9, 2016 and testified during her trial Monday at the Sherbrooke Courthouse.

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“I have devoted my life to horses”

The SPA-Estrie special constables dealt with the complaint by taking pictures of the animals on site. However, they were unable to meet Daniel Dolbec before filing the case for leave of the Crown.

“I have devoted my life to horses. I studied in psychological horses. I have devoted my career to improving human knowledge of horses. I am far from being an executioner of horses, but quite the contrary. People have given me their animals for over 30 years so I can help them. It is impossible that I can beat them, “assured Daniel Dolbec.

Me Julie Beauchemin, who defends Daniel Dolbec, argued that the versions were contradictory in this case and that the version in the girl of 8 years lacked credibility. Mr. Beauchemin also pointed out that the injuries sustained by the horses were in harmony with those of the rushing horses.

She invited Judge Chapdelaine to acquit her client.

Criminal Prosecutor Me Émilie Baril-Côté believes that the young witness was not contradicted in her version, detailing the horse’s injuries.

Injuries that were found by the father of the lead witness in this case and then corroborated by the SPA-Estrie agent.

The judge took the case under advisement. He will make his decision on 22 September.