Accused of reselling stolen from the library of Vernadsky’s book the Apostle received a suspended sentence

Обвиняемый в перепродаже украденной из библиотеки Вернадского книги Апостол получил условный срок

The court gave two-year suspended sentence to the accused of involvement in the kidnapping of the library. Vernadsky and the sale of the book “Apostle” in 1564. About it report Ukrainian news with reference to the decision of the court.

Defendant Alexander Garbar is a native of Chernigov. He was accused of that for 5 thousand dollars, he bought stolen from the library’s rare book “the Apostle or the acts and the Epistles”.

According to him, about the possibility of buying this book, he learned about the end of January 2017 in the course of conversation with an unidentified person. That book is stolen and is wanted, he knew, but decided to buy it, to continue to resell.

He was arrested April 25, 2017, in the restaurant Da Mario in Kiev at the time of resale “Apostle.”

Garbara was incriminated article 198 (acquisition, storage and sale of property knowingly obtained by criminal means in the absence of signs of legalization (laundering) of the incomes received by a criminal way) the Criminal code.

The accused fully admitted his guilt. The one who stole the book and sold it Grabau, was never found.

The court has appointed to it punishment in the form of 2 years of imprisonment with a probation period of 1 year.

Also, the court withdrew the arrest of the book “the Apostle” and returned it to the library. Vernadsky.

Lviv Apostle Ivan Fedorov was published with a circulation of about 1-1,2 thousand copies, in present, there are about 120 extant units. In the collections of the National library. Vernadsky kept five copies, but they are all incomplete. In addition, copies of the book are in the libraries of Lviv, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, and also in other countries – Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, USA, etc. the Book is published in large format, the original edition consisted of 278 sheets, including 264 numbered.

Book kidnapped in may 2016. According to library staff, to him came a man who identified himself as a representative of the Supervisory authority, and provided copies of documents for the reconciliation of those books are stored. Then called a list of those publications which he would check. When it asked for a separate room, where he was able to work quietly. During the day people several times left the room, leaving their things. At the end of the day he left and never came back. When the library staff began to check issued to him for the publication, we found the lack of early printed editions.

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