Active For life summer will allow the party to take the opposition bloc 3-4% of the vote.

Active political party “For life” in the summer will allow the party to take the Opposition bloc 3-4% of the vote. This opinion on his page in Facebook was expressed by the blogger Alexey Krasnoperov.

“Spin doctors and PR summer is considered a “disastrous” season. Everyone is convinced that people went to sea, traveling to foreign countries, I do not watch TV do not read Newspapers. So for the past many years, politicians and political team in the summer reduce their activity, drop out of the ethers. But two years ago, this tradition was interrupted by Vadim Rabinovich and his party “For life”. In the hottest time of the year, the leader and members of the party literally could not get off from the screens, went to the regions – in General, seriously active. And it gave the result. According to my calculations, this activity brought the party “For life” an additional 2-3% of the vote. But many, apparently, thought it was a coincidence, an accident,” – said the blogger.

He recalled that the party “For life” held the summer of 2018, not less actively, than in previous years, presented its economic program, and having received into its ranks the best managers in the country, among them – Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk.

“Rabinovich waited for the end of the plenary meetings of the Verkhovna Rada, the peak of inactivity in the season and not reduced, but rather increased its presence in the information space. First, he loudly presented the program of the party “Ukrainian format”. And then at least loudly announced to join the party “For life” stood before in the political shadows of Viktor Medvedchuk – a fact that is already the most discussed political event of the summer”, – stated Krasnoperov.

He believes that the arrival of “For life” Medvedchuk will improve the rating of the political force among the voters of the South-East and center of Ukraine, and also will split the vote, “opposition bloc”.

“Rabinovich together with Medvedchuk, of course, will draw on the theme of the exchange of prisoners and the search for peace in the conflict in the East. Over all, it touches the amorphous “opposition bloc”, which had managed to lose a “your theme” the voters of the South-East and the centre. Again, according to my predictions, another 3-4% of the party “For life” from the “opposition bloc” will be able to “bite”. When tanned and rested, the deputies”appologize” will return to their jobs after the “Maldives-the Canary district” this unpleasant tendency will meet them at the door,” – said the blogger.

In his opinion, the party “For life” due to the actions taken becomes “the leader of the political ring” of some regions of Ukraine.

“And last but not least. The party “For life” Rabinovich ceases to be just, as many have written, “TV project” and became the leader of the political ring and it’s definitely a major player in the fight for the votes of opposition-minded voters of the South-East and moderate center,” summed up Oleksiy Krasnopyorov.

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