Activists appealed to Lutsenko with the request to deprive of immunity of a Deputy Klimov.

Public organization “National sprotyv” officially appealed to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko with the request to initiate the process of depriving the Odessa oligarch Leonid Klimov parliamentary immunity, “Vesti”. The text of the appeal published Facebook.

In their statement, the activists listed a number of recent crimes, which, in their opinion, can be involved a former ally of Viktor Yanukovych, Leonid Klimov, but was told that the former owner of “Imeksbank” and stadium “Chernomorets” made their capital with greater probability by illegal means during the collapse of the Soviet Union. “According to the magazine Forbes as the people’s Deputy Leonid Klimov is at least 25 million dollars. His business Empire, known to inhabitants of Odessa under the name “Primorye”, Klimov built by corrupt connections in the Executive authorities and the organizations of the Communist party of the Soviet Union. By the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union Klimov stood at the helm of many large commercial sites, occupying the post of Deputy head of the Odessa regional management of trade. It is therefore not surprising that, under the control of Leonid Klimov, for example, passed Odessa Central Department store on Pushkinskaya str”, – writes mass media.

According to activists of the “National sprotyv” Leonid Klimov after the revolution of dignity brought the money from deposits “IMEXBANK” to their firm in the amount of several billion hryvnia, and the state was left bankrupt Bank.Activists pointed out that for decades Klimov also directed commercial Bank “Imeksbank” (in a state of bankruptcy, – ed ), which, employing corruption when he made the main financial artery of the city – forced in salary projects “IMEXBANK” were held all the public offices of the city and the region, as well as the Pension Fund of Ukraine. After the bankruptcy for insolvency in 2015 banking institution parliamentary Empire Klimova left billions of dollars in debts to the state and investors – are still ongoing, the courts in which the Bank acts as a temporary administration, – reads the statement of public organization “National sprotyv”.

The statement also mentioned that remained unsolved arson committed likely people Klimov in a residential area opposite the TC “New Privoz” (quarter Klimov) with the aim of clearing the area from the property of others under construction.

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