Actor Ian McKellen an hour and a half improvised on the stage instead of having to cancel an appearance due to injury

Актер Иэн Маккеллен полтора часа импровизировал на сцене вместо того, чтобы отменить выступление из-за травмы

British actor Ian McKellen (Gandalf in “Lord of the rings” and magneto in “X-Men”) injured his leg when he hurried to the play “King Lear” play by William Shakespeare. In this production, he was supposed to play the main role. As a result, the performance had to be cancelled. However, the artist still up to the audience and began to improvise. After that, he apologized to fans on his Twitter page.

The performance was held August 4 at the Theatre of the Duke of York. But when McKellen was in a hurry to the train to get to the performance, then stretched the calf muscle.

Sitting on the stage, the actor read a few passages from Shakespeare, has twice portrayed Gandalf, and also spoke about his love for acting. In particular, he noted that he had chosen this profession only because it’s the only thing he’s good. However, he advised the audience not to take his example.

Spectator Anna Brunskill published in Twitter a photo that shows how McKellen was performing that night. “90 minutes he answered from the stage at questions and shared their stories,” she signed the.

At the end of his speech, McKellen invited on stage the rest of the cast of the failed show, and together they bowed to the audience.

As previously reported, Amazon has announced its plans to make a TV series of “the Lord of the rings.” According to preliminary data, it will include at least five seasons. In turn, McKellen said he was not against to return to the role of the magician in this project.

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