Admingranitse in the Crimea by Russian border guards to create an artificial queue, – state border service

На админгранице с Крымом российские пограничники создают искусственные очереди, - Госпогранслужба

On the administrative border with annexed Crimea, the Russian guards stepped up bandwidth control and create artificial car queue. About it reports a press-service Azovo-black sea regional administration of state frontier service in Facebook.

“Today, the border guards again recorded the artificial line on adminpraise. Employees of the state border service did not record any savings before the Ukrainian KPVV “Chongar”, but at the same time today, about 200 cars waiting for their turn before occupying the so-called “checkpoint”, – stated in the message.

According to information in an average day through PPC “Chongar” in the direction of the Crimea crosses about 400-500 cars.

“That is, almost half of the vehicles crossing admingranitsu per day, immediately stood in the queue created by the invaders, probably for “pictures of tourist flow,” or unwillingness to work”, – said the press service.

Also noted that usually adminpraise decal car occupants is carried out using traffic lights and a barrier, but today they put out there for further military control.

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