Admingranitse in the Crimea recorded cases of poisoning guards due to emissions of the plant Titan, – Slobodyan

На админгранице с Крымом зафиксированы случаи отравления пограничников из-за выбросов завода Титан, - Слободян

Admingranitse in the Crimea, the first recorded cases of poisoning guards working in the vicinity of the plant “Crimean Titan”. This was stated by the assistant head of the state border guard service Oleh Slobodian in the air “112 Ukraine”.

“Our physicians regularly interested in the health of our border guards serving in the vicinity of the plant. There were complaints of feeling, this dizziness, nausea, headache, but after appropriate medical consultation and medication these symptoms can be got. These people replace in the service, give them the opportunity to relax and carefully examined,” – said Slobodyan.

However, he noted that for the citizens of Ukraine who reside on the administrative border with the Crimea, the emissions of the plant remains do not pose a threat.

“Fundamentally the situation has not changed. The wind continues to blow in the depth of the occupied Peninsula, so for the citizens of Ukraine residing on adminpraise in the Kherson region, yet serious threats, although they also experience a deterioration of health and see the impact on the environment,” he said.

All KPVV continue to work normally.

“We are ready to provide assistance to citizens who, fleeing from this scourge, want to come from the occupied Peninsula to mainland Ukraine,” – he said.

Remember, earlier in the town of Armyansk in the North annexed the Crimea there was an emission into the atmosphere of substances of unknown origin. On metal objects, rooftops, on the leaves of the trees formed oily coating having a yellowish tint.

The so-called “head” of the annexed Crimea Aksenov said that the situation with emissions of substances beyond the norm.

After the release of an unknown substance in Armyansk began to evacuate children.

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