Adnan Kivan opened a new Eastern cultural center in Odessa

Аднан Киван открыл новый Восточный культурный центр в Одессе

Philanthropist and CEO KADORR Adnan Kivan opened a second East cultural center with a large prayer hall in Odessa. The house of friendship as it has been unofficially called, will be the name of the father Kevan Adnan – Ahmed Suleiman nodding.

New cultural center has an area of 2000 sq m – it is the prayer hall with separate tiers for men and women, rooms for conferences and training, conference negotiations. For worship designed two of the three floors. On the ground floor are located the administrative and technical facilities, and ablution room.

The first prayer was attended by over five hundred parishioners with their families and friends, including imams and representatives of the Arab Diaspora from different parts of Ukraine.

At the end of the prayer the congregation thanked Adnan nodding over 20 years of continued support and unification of the Muslims – since the start of construction of the first Arab cultural center in Odessa on Rishelievskaya str.

“These cultural centers will always be a bridge of friendship between our two peoples and Ukraine. They radiate only the good. We want to strengthen connections between people and religions. The second objective is to help poor people. My code conscience: can definitely help. We have for many years, with God’s help, do it. Help people with operations, treatment and housing. With the birth of a new cultural center we will have to continue this way,” told the crowd Adnan Kivan.

According to the head of construction of the new cultural centre of Pavel Sorokin, the building is developed using the latest technologies. The building implemented a heat recovery system economical to maintain a comfortable temperature in the premises, the prayer hall is equipped with the latest audio equipment. Floors constructed of Turkish natural marble, and carpets in the prayer hall brought on special order.

East cultural centre open to all daily from 11:00 to 18:00.

Recall, Adnan Kivan – owner of the famous English-language edition Kyiv Post, head of the largest Corporation KADORR, recognized as one of the best and most reliable in the country. In the possession of the billionaire’s portfolio of assets valued at over $ 800 million. He also develops the agricultural sector of the country by investing in the construction of grain elevators and processing plants over 400 million dollars. Today Adnan Kivan is the largest Arab investor in Ukraine.

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