African snakes have the thickest skin

The researchers found that the skin of the African calabaria to 15 times thicker than other specimens. To break such a snake skin, it is necessary to try fairly.


Calabria has to close relative of one of the largest snakes – the Anaconda. Reptile is also known as earthy Python – for love to dig in the fallen leaves and earth. Enjoy this reptile solely by kids – shushtari and mice. When the parents leave the burrow, Python sneaks inside and eats the offspring. If inside the hole left adults, calabaria is subject to numerous bites of angry mice.

To withstand such attacks, it requires an unusually thick skin. Leather calabaria is comparable in strength with the skin of a rhinoceros, but much more elastic. This fact has interested representatives of the pharmaceutical industry that are trying to build a solid medical gloves.


In addition to the sturdy leather, calabaria have unusual body structure: their tail-like head. So when you attack the mice Python resorts to tricks and turns under the blows of the tail instead of the head.