After a recent rally the Bulk of the Samara publications editors resigned

Last weekend in Samara held rallies of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Rallies were sudden and inconsistent with the city administration. One of Samara portals widely covered this event. However, after meeting editor-in-chief has left his post on his own initiative.


Sergey Leibgrad, editor in chief of the Samara news portal “” resigned from his post immediately after the last publication on the portal. The publication contained some violation of the rules, namely the personal opinion of the owner of the edition “Zasekin” – Dmitry Loboiko. Editor in chief has commented on this precedent case and noted that his dismissal contributed not so much article, how a radical divergence of his views with the views of the owner.

In addition, in September this year after Navalny rallies the same reasons resigned and managing editor, “Sib.FM.” And in may the editor of “Another city” Andrey Kochetkov with his partner Eugenia Voloskovoj