After the first sex scandal the movie with Kevin spacey set a record for box office

Первый после секс-скандала фильм с Кевином Спейси поставил антирекорд по кассовым сборам

First after the sex scandal film with Kevin spacey – drama “Club of billionaires” in the day of the premiere collected in the United States 126 USD. and for the weekend, this amount has only reached $ 425. This publication reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The picture appeared in the repertoire of only eight cinemas. The average gathering of “young billionaires” for the first UIK-end in terms of a single hall, was 53$. This means that with an average ticket price of 9.27 USD. for the first three days the film looked no more than six people per room. That is less than two people a day. And it is the worst performance fees in the career of spacey.

Distributor Vertical Entertainment initially doubted whether or not to release the movie in theaters. But in the end the company decided not to abandon the painting, paying tribute to all who have labored over its creation for about two years. “We hope that in the end, the audience come to their own conclusion about the terrible allegations of past one person, but will not be forced to pay all actors and crew who worked on the film” – said in a statement a distributor.

The film “young billionaires” is based on real events and tells about the financial pyramid, which was built by graduates of Harvard. In the film young actors, Taron Edgerton, Ansel Elgort and Emma Roberts.

Recall Kevin spacey, who in the film got the role of Roy Levin, last fall became the hero of scandal associated with harassment. In late October, actor Anthony RAPP accused him of attempted rape. With RAPP at the time of those events was only 14 years old. In response, spacey made coming out as a homosexual, but the move only aggravated his situation – an act interpreted as an attempt to divert attention from the accusations and strongly condemned in the LGBT community. Later in the address of the actor were some accusations of abuse and pedophilia. Because of the bad reputation he got fired from the TV series “house of cards” before the end of filming last season. To finish the project, his character was replaced on-screen wife played by actress Robin Wright. The season will be released on Netflix November 2. In addition, Ridley Scott completely cut out all the scenes with Kevin spacey from his drama “All the money in the world”. This time the disgraced actor was replaced by Christopher Plummer, who received for his work was nominated for “Oscar”. Spacey was also stripped of the award “Emmy” for his contribution to the development of cinema.

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