After the tower, he is accused of attacking the homes

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Normand Dubé, the former” pilot stars “, which plunged a part of Quebec in the dark by sabotaging power lines, would have also ordered the fire, the residences of the officials with whom he was in conflict.

The human trial of 57-year-old began yesterday in Saint-Jerome, where he is facing twenty charges for harassment, harm, arson, and threats.

Normand Dubé is accused of having ordered this crime.

Actions that could have serious consequences, particularly for Jacqueline Pelletier, who was home with her two children when a fire is reported, on July 10, 2014, in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines.

“I was in my room when I heard the doorbell ring. I was not going to answer it, thinking it was a hawker, testified Jacqueline Pelletier. This is the time to hear the alarm system that I went down to the basement. “

Once at the bottom of the stairs, to vent the smoke detector that had a tendency to flare up without reason, Ms. Pelletier has seen the light under the door of a storage room. It was at that moment that she realized that a fire was spreading.

With the help of a cushion, she mastered the flames. In the room there was a bottle resembling a Molotov cocktail. The window is normally closed was open.

“Climate of terror “

The hoodlums that conspired to trigger the fire are pinched. They got a penalty for their misdeeds. Normand Dubé still ned to know them and have them engaged.

Photo courtoisieChristian Leclair
Alleged victim

Jacqueline Pelletier is the wife of Christian Leclair, to the employment of the municipality. Just as Francine Brosseau, whose house was a total loss during the second fire that struck her in less than a month, on December 5, 2013.

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“He has a dispute with the City that endures, and it’s part of the reasons in evidence, told the court the Crown prosecutor, Steve Baribeau.

According to these employees, Dubé challenged with “arrogance and aggression” of evaluations and other decisions over many years, creating a “climate of terror” at city hall.

Photo courtoisieFrancine Brosseau
Alleged victim

“He treated me with all the names. He had all the time insulting and said that I was incompetent “, said Ms. Brosseau.

The other alleged victims of Dubé are bailiffs, lawyers or civil servants.

Tomorrow, the Crown will be heard by videoconference, two other witnesses, including the property and the vehicle were in flames. A combination of circumstances, they reside in India today.

In December, Dubé has been sentenced to seven years in prison for botching lines of Hydro-Quebec, in 2014. His case has been appealed. He is at liberty pending the hearing.

To learn more about the judicial saga of Normand Dubé, you can watch on Club illico the great report of our Bureau of investigation, ” The pilot of the stars “.