Agathe Auproux a victim of its success : “We will never again see my guy”

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Exclusive – Agathe Auproux – 1000th broadcast of “Touch not my poste” (TPMP) in prime time on C8 in Boulogne-Billancourt on April 27, 2017.

She makes a point on his reputation and the rumors of which it is the object.

This is a year that Agatha Auproux works side by side with Cyril Hanouna on C8, in Key not at my post. The life of the ex-journalists of Inrocks has transformed, as it is located in the heart of crazy rumors. The themes that she discusses with the magazine Here.

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A victim of his new success, the pretty brunette of 25 years, learns to protect his private life. “I can’t use social networks with the same nonchalance as before. I still find it hard to accept that tv can dictate my new everyday”, she says. One of the resolutions that Agathe Auproux has therefore taken is to no longer show up with her boyfriend. She confirms : “When I realized that a photo posted on my account could generate four or five articles in a row, I decided not to put in the scene than me. Like all people of my generation, I assumed my narcissism, but from now on, we would no longer see my boyfriend, my mother or my brother.”

Regarding the rumors that she was the subject, the brunette with glasses has mentioned that according to which it would have had a relationship with Cyril Hanouna. “It has always paid to Cyril and to his chroniclers of romantic relationships, it is a huge fantasy collective ! But yes, I was stupid to react to that, I still lack, no doubt, of maturity”, she says.

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