“Age is only a number” –Monique Miller

«L’âge, ce n’est qu’un chiffre» –Monique Miller

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At 84 years of age, Monique Miller is preparing to tackle one of the most daunting challenges of her career by immersing themselves in The Chairs by Ionesco, a play in the text demanding and surreal that it will stand on the stage of the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde as of 8 may.

If we had followed the advice of Monique Miller, one of our few actresses can boast of practicing his craft for over seven decades (she began her career at age 11 with the radiothéâtres), we would not have made mention of his age in these lines.

“Because I find it easy, we she answered when we asked him to clarify his thinking. For me, age is only a number. “

Young of heart and spirit, the one that says walk for at least 30 minutes per day, since it does not have a car, we also has given you enough to ask how she is doing to maintain its pace of life ” at his age “.

“I want to ask these people how they themselves are, to their age, she said, laughing. Sometimes, I find that the younger people look very tired. Also, I find it a little sad that after 60 years, some people only talk about their retirement. “


Giving little importance to the age, Monique Miller does not believe more in the concept of retirement, a step that it could not consider the cross as if it had more health or if she was losing the memory completely.

“The work, it keeps it alive, it is amazing. The people who stop to work and crash in them, they die of boredom. Take Nana Mouskouri, for example. She had stopped, but she realized that it was frightening. There, she redid a huge tour, and she was 83 years old. “

Although it is oriented to the future, the actress, that is often compared to an encyclopaedia, due to his memory amazing, love to remember and talk of the beautiful moments that she has experienced alongside the writers, actors and directors that she has gotten to know over the years.

“I remember a lot of things, even dates of birth… I remember everything ! “

A classic

Among the projects that have marked it, on account of its roles in the series, Montreal, P. Q. , and Seventh north, but also its participation at the TNM, four great plays of Paul Claudel, whose The Shoe of satin, which lasted 4: 35.

“There has been a lot,” said the one, always in search of new stimuli, is dedicated to the comedy-drama The Sun since last June. After all, the actress embodies one of the main characters, a first since the presentation at the TNM of Albertine in five times, in 2014.

“This play by Ionesco, it is not trivial. This is a great classic, said the actress, who will be sharing the stage with his colleague Gilles Renaud. This is the story of a life. The figures (95 and 94 years old), they are old and they are not old, in the sense that they act like children. They tell stories and they believe in it. Their great happiness, is that they are waiting for someone… “

When asked how learning from this text that one says ” almost impossible to learn “, the actress replies with conviction.

“Nothing is impossible if we want to. It is necessary to work hard. Very strong. This is what we are still doing, by the way. “

The Chairs, Eugène Ionesco’s work featuring Monique Miller, Gilles Renaud directed by Frédéric Dubois, will be presented at Théâtre du Nouveau Monde from 8 may to 2 June.

We have been able to see it in…


  • Lies (2013)
  • Emma (2001-2003)
  • Montreal, P. Q. (1991-1994)
  • Seventh north (1957-1963)

The cinema

  • Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés (2004)
  • Jesus of Montreal (1988)
  • Mourir à tue-tête (1978)
  • For better and for worse (1975)
  • Tit-Coq (1952)

The theatre

  • Manifesto of the young girl (2017)
  • Tartuffe (2016)
  • Richard III (2015)
  • Albertine en cinq temps (2014)
  • Decadence (1997)
  • The Neighbors (1980)
  • Pygmalion (1968, 1976-1977)
  • The Shoe of satin (1967)
  • Florence (1960)
  • Zone (1953)

What she said on…

Age of the camera

“It is true that there are few roles for women over the age of 60, the tv […] on the other hand, I’ve never been afraid of work, because you can’t think like that, when one is a freelancer. “

The trac

“We have increasingly, as we age, because we are more aware. When I was 17 years old, I watched my elders get upset and I said to myself : “that must be It, the nerves”. I didn’t know it at the time. “

Social networks

“I’m not on Facebook […] I find it very difficult. I take a lot on the metro and when we are 15 to enter a car, there are twelve who have their noses bent over their phone. It is sad. When I meet two or three people who read books, I congratulate them. “

The middle of the theatre

“The environment is as rich as ever. In Montreal, with all the young troops and the companies that form, it is a medium that is doing well, according to me. However, it is certain that they would need more subsidies, because they are not rich. Even the big theatres are obliged to do miracles with what they have. “

The scandal Gilbert Sicotte

“What I don’t understood is why these people did not have complaints before. It surprises me. This is terrible, I find, is that people have made amalgam with the movement of the denunciation of sexual abuse. This is not at all the same thing. “