Agreement in principle to avoid a new “shutdown”

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The american congressmen have reached an agreement in principle to avoid a new partial paralysis of the authorities of the United States at the end of the week, announced Monday night the senators at the end of a negotiation meeting, as cited by the american media.

“We have reached an agreement,” said one of the main negotiators, republican, senator Richard Shelby, cited by CNN.

No details were given on the content of the agreement, which must still be approved by the White House.

The democrats, and Donald Trump are clashing for weeks around the funding of a wall along the border with Mexico, claimed by the u.s. president.

On January 25, after more than a month of partial paralysis of the u.s. government, an agreement was reached to end the long “shutdown” of the history of the United States, but it did not provide for funding of the federal departments involved until Friday, 15 February.


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