Airbus announced the end of production of the A380, the end of deliveries in 2021

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Airbus announced the end of production of the A380, its flagship whose deliveries would cease by 2021, has announced Tom Enders in a statement Thursday, after the company Emirates has decided to reduce its orders of 39 A380s.

“The consequence of this decision is that our backlog is not sufficient to enable us to maintain the production of the A380,” said Tom Enders. This will put an end to A380 deliveries in 2021″. Emirates will replace this command by another 40 A330neo and 30 A350.

Airbus does not disclose the amount of this order by reason of the entry into force of the new accounting standard IFRES15. In addition, it is not a firm order, but compensation. Finally, it does not specify the versions of the device.

The manufacturer states that it “will begin discussions with its social partners in the coming weeks about the 3,000 to 3,500 positions may be affected by this decision in the next three years”.

But according to the manufacturer, “the current ramp-up (production) of the A320, and the new order of widebody aircraft Emirates will offer many opportunities for internal mobility.”

This decision was expected, while the fate of the A380 was linked to the decision last year of the company in the Gulf to acquire 36 A380 extra, giving to Airbus, “a visibility for at least the next ten years”, had assured Tom Enders at the time.

But Airbus was not hidden that in the absence of this command, the program was doomed to stop.

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“Quite honestly, if we do not reach an agreement with Emirates, there will be no other choice than to stop the program”, said before the announcement of this order, the ex-sales director of Airbus, John Leahy.

Emirates is by far the largest customer of the Super Jumbo, with 178 aircraft ordered, of which over a hundred have already been delivered. In total, the A380 has been ordered to 321 copies, according to the website of Airbus.