Airport Lviv announced the cancellation of two flights

Аэропорт Львов объявил об отмене двух рейсов

International airport “Lviv” today, August 14, announced the cancellation of two flights of the company Ernest. This is stated in the message on the airport page in Facebook.

So, ERN278 cancelled flights Lviv – Naples (scheduled departure at 10:25) August 14, 2018 and ERN577 Naples – Lviv (scheduled arrival at 16:00) on August 14.

The reason for the cancellation, the airline said.

The airport also announced the arrest of four flights:

– ERN277 Naples – Lviv (scheduled arrival at 21:45) 14 Aug delayed with the arrival of 22:55.

– ERN578 Lviv – Naples (scheduled departure at 16:45) 14 Aug delayed in Lviv until 18:00.

– ERN223 Milan (Bergamo) – Lviv (scheduled arrival at 10:40) 14 Aug delayed with arrival before 11:00.

– ERN224 Lviv – Milan (Bergamo; a planned departure at 11:20) on 14 August was delayed until 13:35.

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